Amy Robach has officially moved out of her home with Andrew Shue into a $2.3 million penthouse in New York.

The TV personality chose a stunning penthouse apartment with a beautiful view and luxurious amenities.

She and Shue have decided to share custody of their pet dog, and have been seen dropping him off.

T.J. Holmes and Robach’s affair went public in December last year.

The anchorwoman and Shue are currently working through their divorce.

Holmes and his wife Marilee Fiebig are also in the midst of their divorce proceedings.

After the affair controversy, ABC confirmed they’d terminated Holmes and Robach from the network.

The couple stopped being active at ABC in November 2022, when they were placed on a hiatus.

Since then they’ve been spotted packing on extreme PDA, seemingly showing that they don’t care about the scandal.