Nick Cannon may be determined to go down as the world’s most fertile babymaker.

He just announced his eighth baby, this time with model Bre Tiesi as the two had a baby shower with a gender reveal.

Nick’s seventh child, son Zen, shared with model Alyssa Scott tragically died last December of a brain tumor.

Naturally, the media spotlight swung to Alyssa Scott, to see how she would react to Cannon’s announcement.

Scott pre-empted any questions her way and put up an Instagram post that bowled fans over, as she handled the issue with her grace.

Scott told her fans, “I am centered, I am at peace.”

She continued saying that she will not judge and look at everyone’s predicament with “loving eyes.”


Fans were absolutely stupefied by her grace and sent her love, calling her “too graceful” to be involved in such happenings.

Meanwhile Nick Cannon continues to be under fire, with fans suggesting he name his latest baby “contraception” and get a hint.