NFL player Aaron Rodgers has COVID-19 and wasn’t authorized to play against the Kansas City Chiefs this past Sunday.

However, Rodgers said he was immunized before the football season even started.

Reports show that Rodgers never got any of the approved COVID vaccine shots.

Rodgers is allegedly allergic to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccine ingredients, but does not consider himself an anti-vaxxer.

What Rodgers meant by “immunized” was that he took Ivermectin – a drug that hasn’t been FDA approved.

Stephen A. Smith, a sports analyst, is asking for Rodgers to be suspended from the NFL.

However, the Green Bay Packers quarterback claims the NFL had full knowledge about his vaccination status.

The NFL still allows unvaccinated players to participate – they just have more stringent COVID protocols to follow.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback follows stricter protocols – he wears masks on the sidelines during games, because he too, is unvaccinated.