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Slash Says Estranged Wife is Dragging Her Feet in Divorce, She Says Rocker Is Hiding Money

By TheBlast Staff

Slash says he's done playing games with his estranged wife over their ongoing divorce and wants her to sign off on a final deal, but she's claiming the rocker is hiding money and refusing to turn over financial documents.

In the newest batch of filings, obtained by The Blast, Slash's legal team shot down requests to sit for a deposition, and claim the rocker is fed up that Perla Ferrar "continues to drag her feet" on shoring up the case.

They point out that Perla did not respond to legal requests for months at a time, and even explain there's a $160,834 payment that she's still owed but has not received due to her own fault in timing.

Slash also claims that he had to cover the late payments to one of their children's cars, a Mercedes 450, because Perla allegedly failed to make the payments. The Guns N' Roses guitarist said he was "forced to pay these overdue lease payments to prevent embarrassment of the car being repossessed."

He also says Perla never transferred over title to her 2014 Range Rover, and now claims the car "has been stolen."

On the other side of the fence, Perla's legal team claims slash earned $45,000,000 in 2017 and allege that the only reason the rocker's team is refusing to hand over financial documents is that "your client has been manipulating the income that he will earn int he future that could affect his future support obligations."

They straight up challenge Slash, that if he "has nothing to hide," then he should be transparent about his finances.

The judge has not yet sorted out all their requests and demands, this is messier than the first breakup of Guns N' Roses.

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