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Will Smith Strips Down For 'Colonoscopy For The Clout'

Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
By Jeff Mazzeo

Will Smith is willing to do anything to entertain his fans. So much so that he jumped out of a helicopter for his 50th birthday and reunited with DJ Jazzy Jeff during a concert in Budapest for his 51st birthday.

But the star has figured out that in order to gain followers and likes, all you have to do is show a little skin. Smith shared his latest escapade on Instagram and this time he documented his recent colonoscopy in Miami.

Yes, He Really Did That


"They said you can’t get to 50 million followers on IG without showing your butt. So here I am, gettin’ a colonoscopy for the clout ;-)," The 'Gemini Man' actor wrote in the caption of his Instagram video.

The video starts with Smith filming the disapproving look on his face and then he quickly shows off the standard no-slip socks and a hospital gown. Will hilariously explained the purpose of the unusual fit of hospital gowns. "That's my gown, it opens to the back. My a** gonna be out so they can get to it easy," Smith sadly remarked before turning the camera on himself shaking his head.

But Wait, There's More


The Instagram video is just a little teaser for a much longer video that the star posted to his YouTube channel. The 17-minute long vlog features Smith taking his viewers through the entire colonoscopy process.

The dramatic hospital gown description is just one of the funny moments featured in the vlog. He laughingly admitted that he got a haircut before having the doctor check him out. "I felt impelled to get a haircut for a colonoscopy," he said.

It was funny when he "punked out" when a fan asked for a picture right after his procedure. Will initially told the enthusiastic fan that he did not want to take the quick pic but the fan had the star trapped in the elevator. Smith ended up smiling for the camera.

Awareness > Clout


Smith's vlog does more than entertain, it also raises awareness about the importance of regular check-ups and colonoscopies. Will just turned 51 in September and most doctors recommend that people start getting checked around the age of 40.

"We know that screenings and early detection can save lives," Will's doctor said as she thanked him for helping raise awareness. Turns out that the 51-year-old had a polyp that the doctor removed. The polyp was sent to the lab and it was revealed that it was made up of pre-cancerous cells.

What That Really Means


"What it means for you in real talk," the doctor told Smith over a FaceTime call, "instead of getting a screening every then years, which is what happens when people have a normal colonoscopy, you need to get your's done in the next two to three years." The doctor commended him and celebrated the fact that he is healthy and that if he will be alright if he keeps up with his check-ups.

"When I decided I wanted to shoot this as a vlog," Smith said, "I didn't realize that there'd be a pre-cancerous polyp." The star ended his video with a sigh of relief and in good spirits. "We good," Smith said as the vlog concluded.

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