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Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are OFFICIALLY Back Together!!

Gettyimages | David Crotty
By Mike Walters

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are officially back together!

According to new reports, the makeup mogul and rapper are giving their romantic relationship another try, and they have actually been back together for several weeks.

In fact, sources say that Kylie and Travis both feel their breakup helped each of them and that they benefited from being apart. We broke the story, the couple had been "drifting apart for a while, they tried hard to make it work but ultimately they need to take some time apart."

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At the time, we were told that "They had broken up and gotten back together several times," and just needed some time to themselves.

Since the breakup, both Kylie and Travis have been hugely successful in their respective careers, with Jenner selling a big stake in her make-up company for 600 Million and Scott being at the top of the rap industry.

Also, our sources say they have shared 50/50 custody of their daughter, Stormi, for the time that they have been apar and have spent many of the holidays together as a family. As we reported, the couple were together on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Recently, both Travis and Kylie joined up for Stormi's 2nd birthday bash.

Not Ready To Put A "Label" On The New Relationship

Gettyimages | Jon Kopaloff

As for their romantic relationship, according to TMZ, they routinely sleep under the same roof but are not ready to put a label on this new relationship.

Fans of the couple have been saying they believe they are back together, based on some pretty good clues dropped by both of them. First, Travis sent Kylie a huge amount of flowers for Valentine's Day. Second, Kylie posted throwback photos showing the then-couple sitting courtside at a Houston Rockets game in 2017. She captioned the photos, "It’s…a…mood."

Major Clues The Couple Has Been Together For Weeks!

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Lastly, the 22-year-old billionaire fueled the rumors by rocking out to her baby daddy's song while sitting inside of her Rolls-Royce. The 'KUWTK' star flashed a huge smile as she bumped to Scott's track with the Migo's "Give No Fxk."

The good news is...during their split we are told there were no lawyers and "no issues" over custody of their daughter Stormi. So, hopefully, they can pick up where they left off with growing their family!

Kylie is currently on vacation with all of her sisters, but when they get back maybe it's time for baby #2?


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