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Tom Hanks Calls Out Dr. Oz -- I Didn't Endorse Your CBD Products!

Gettyimages | Jesse Grant
By Mike Walters

Tom Hanks has gone public calling out an advertisement for CBD featuring an endorsement from him, and he says it is a "hoax" that did NOT actually come from him.

The ad made its way around social media, which featured a picture of him and a quote attributed to him saying, "The advances Doctor Oz has made in the CBD industry are remarkable. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't had the chance to try it out for myself. After Using (The Company) for two weeks I was already feeling like a new me."

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See The Fake Ad...


Of course, right away it seems a little weird Tom Hanks would endorse a CBD product, even weirder it would be one connected to Dr. Oz.

Well, he didn't...and the legendary actor posted the ad and made sure the public knew it was a hoax.

"This is false and an intentional hoax. I’ve never said this and would never make such an endorsement. Come on, man! Hanx!" he posted on Instagram.

The greatest part is even Katie Couric commented on the post, saying, "Yes and I never endorsed any wrinkle cream although I could probably use some," at the end she included #ridiculous

This Isn't The First Time...


This isn't the first time Hanks has had to clear up an advertising hoax. Back in July, he posted the message, "FRAUD! INTERNET FAKE! Just so you know. Hanx," alongside another ad for a marijuana product.

Fans of the actor took to Instagram to lash out at the company for using the legend in their fake ads.

"Wow people just want to get rich using celebrities SMH," one person wrote.

Another said, "Can’t you sue them for that false statement?...that’s a pretty ballsy move."

One fan of the actor went as far as to say, "You can’t trust media these days Tom everyone is aware of your legendary and no one can put labels on you #icon"

And The Weed Jokes Begin..

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

The best reaction to the hoax is one fan who pointed out Tom Hanks doesn't need to change anything about himself, saying, "As if Tom Hanks needs to "feel like a new him". HE'S TOM HANKS."

Of course of few people are making sure the public knows there is some good CBD products so don't attack the whole industry, "I mean CBD does have amazing benefits.. jus sayin😗💨💨" someone posted.

A few jokesters came out of the woodwork on this one too, "Dam it... I need to cancel the case I ordered," one person said. Another added, "Forest Hemp."

Bottom line, Don't mess with Tom Hanks!

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