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Terry Crews Sued by Former Social Media Manager for $1 Million

By TheBlast Staff

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star Terry Crews is being sued by a former friend who claims he is owed $1 million for work he did for the actor managing his social media accounts.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Darwin Hall — who claims to be a "longtime personal friend" of Crews' — claims he began working Crews in 1999 to help with his social media presence.

Hall claims he was paid $28,479.06 for his work, with about half of that going to reimbursement for expenses. He claims he is owed payment for more than 6,000 hours of work for Crews, at $55 an hour.

In 2013, Hall claims he booked a gig working for a client who was developing a dating app. Hall says the client was LGBT but the app was not but says when Crews found out, he "flew into a rage." Hall alleges Crews told him he could not continue to work with Hall if he worked on the project.

According to Hall, Crews promised to repay Hall the money he was forced to repay the client for canceling the gig. But Hall claims Crews never repaid the money and Hall says when he tried to come to a resolution, Crews "retaliated with unbelievable and unlawful cyberstalking, cyberbullying, harassment, and destruction" of Hall's reputation and business.

Terry Crews posted a series of tweets about Hall (though he did not name him) on Christmas Day of 2017, alleging he sold drugs and claiming Hall "bragged about trying to kill his college roommate by spiking the guys peanut butter with mercury."

Hall claims a number of Crews' social media followers contacted him after Crews "actively encouraged and recruited" them to "hunt down and attack" Hall.

Hall is suing for the money he claims he is owed and for defamation.

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