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What Happened To Tekashi 6ix9ine?! Rainbow Rapper VANISHES From Social Media

By Mike Walters

What happened to Tekashi 6ix9ine?!

Tekashi 69 has been shockingly absent from social media for the past few weeks, sparking many to worry about the whereabouts and safety of the rainbow rapper.

The 'TuTu' rapper has not posted anything since September 11, where he was seen tearing a poster down in New York which was pasted on a wall to promote his album 'Tattle Tales.' But, the notorious trolling rapper hasn't made a peep since that day, sparking many questions about what exactly is going on with him?

Is He Ok?!

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Tekashi 6ix9ine Vanishes Into Thin Air, Shockingly Absent From Social Media!


As we reported, Tekashi was spotted in upstate New York looking at multi-million dollar real estate which sparked jokes about the rapper settling down in the suburbs and living a quiet life.

But, could he really be done with trolling on IG?! We can't believe that!

Tekashi 6ix9ine spent weeks dangerously hopping from city to city to make appearances in areas where he knew there could be gang members looking for retaliation for not only his snitching but all the trolling he did and beef he had with others online.

Could The Behavior Finally Catch Up With Him?

Buying A House In The Suburbs To Live The Quiet Life?!


It's unclear what is going on with the rainbow rapper. It's very possible that after delivering his long-awaited album and jet setting all over the country, he is just taking a break.

Normally, Tekashi will often pop up in the Instagram stories or posts of his girlfriend Jade -- but, she has been spending time with her daughter and he is nowhere to be found. Interestingly, it's also possible the 'Gooba' rapper is spending time with his own child and doing the right thing by not broadcasting his location to the world.

As we reported, Tekashi has the tendency to troll anyone looking for him by posting his exact locations!

Could He Just Be Upset Over His Album Sales?


Tekashi's vanishing from social media has also sparked rumors that he is still upset over the sales of his album 'Tattle Tales' falling well short of his projections.

According to Billboard, the album debuted at No. 4 with "roughly 53,000 equivalent album units earned." It should be noted, even with the album not being #1 it still gave the rainbow rapper his third Top 10 album. At the time, there was some discussion that Billboard disqualified over 100,000 of 6ix9ine’s "merch bundle" type sales which knocked him out of the top spot.

“Everybody was against me. Radio blackballed me. Playlists blackballed me," he said at the time.

Bottom line, it's unclear what is going on with Tekashi, but let's just hope he is alright.

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