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Superhero Cop Runs Race In Full SWAT gear, Saves Woman's Life, And Gets Engaged All In One Day!

Chicago Police Department Facebook
By Jeff Mazzeo

Real-life superheroes walk among us and many of them proudly serve their communities as first responders, police officers, and medics. The city of Chicago will never forget the incredible acts of the 19-year-veteran of the Chicago Police Department, S.W.A.T. Sgt. Nowacki

Sgt. Nowacki participated in the annual Hot Chocolate Run Sunday, November 3, 2019 in full SWAT gear but running the 15K race was not enough of a challenge for the hero cop. He planned to propose to his long-time girlfriend, Chicago Police Officer Erin Gubala, at the finish line.

His Life-Saving Actions

Chicago Police Department Facebook

As Sgt. Nowacki was nearing the finish line he had to immediately change his plans in order to help a person in need. "About 150 yards south of the finish line I hear people screaming medic, medic," the Sgt. told ABC7 Chicago. "As a police officer, we go toward the sound of gunfire and then as a SWAT medic we also have that instinct to go toward the sound of someone calling 'medic.'"

"It was definitely a serendipitous moment because if I had run a little bit slower or a little bit faster I would have never encountered the young lady." Nowacki said.

Authorities said the woman suffered cardiac arrest and said that the Sgt.'s quick response helped save the woman's life. She is expected to make a full recovery.

Time To Pop The Question

Chicago Police Department Facebook

Saving lives is in Nowacki nature but his next task is what made the fearless man nervous.

"Mostly what I was trying to do as I finished the race was come up with something good to say and I was totally thrown off by having to perform CPR," Nowacki told the local ABC station. After reaching the finish line, he proposed to Officer Gubala and she said yes!

"He's sweating and I wanted to talk to him about what happened down the way, find out more information, and then he got down on one knee and I thought that he was hurt and then he just said, 'Erin, I don't know what to say' and then I realize what was going on," Gubala recalled. That is a day she and the city of Chicago will never forget.

Nowacki and Gubala are planning a simple wedding but he joked that he will not be wearing full S.W.A.T. gear when he walks down the aisle.

Chicago PD Are Super Proud

Sgt. Nowacki is a great representative for the Chicago Police Department and the proudly told the story and complimented the hero on their social media.

"For the love of his community and dedication to service, Sgt. Nowacki sprung into action and administered CPR until emergency medical services responded with an AED." the department wrote on Facebook. "The female subject was transported to Northwestern Hospital where doctors stated Sgt. Nowacki's actions and the quick response by emergency medical services saved the female's life. Shortly after finishing the race, Sgt. Nowacki proposed to his girlfriend, Officer Gubala, who paused with disbelief before saying yes."

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