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Actor Lucas Black Sparks Intense Backlash After Calling Super Bowl Halftime Show 'Sexual Exploitation'

Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz
By Clark Sparky

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira delivered what most thought was an incredible performance during the halftime of Super Bowl 54. It was the first time two Latina musicians have headlined the show and it was intended to send a message of female empowerment.

However, some people viewed the performance as two sexual and inappropriate for children.

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One of those people who didn't approve of it was Fast & the Furious and "NCIS: New Orleans" star Lucas Black. During the Super Bowl, he tweeted out:

Protecting your daughter and sons from seeing the display of sexual exploitation at the #SuperBowl halftime show is showing love. We have to teach our younger generation that their value and self worth comes from what God says is true about them.

Fans were quick to pounce all over him in the mentions.

"Lucas, it’s your responsibility to teach your children the way you feel and also your choice to change the channel. I Enjoy your acting and love of Bama but don’t think censorship is for everyone," one person replied.

"It's showing them the Latin culture. It was amazing! Two latina women displaying their language and culture! And reminding the US that Puerto Rico is part of the US!" another wrote.

"No, most definitely not. Sexuality is something natural and something that should be taught and explained to our Kids. Violence and being heartless on the other Hand is something we should protect our Kids from, Religion is cool and all but don't confuse it with Education," a third commented.

After the game, Lopez celebrated the performance on a yacht with her friends and family. She made a speech to them about the show, which TMZ shared.

"I was happy to stand up there with Shakira — two Latin women, two women, two working moms who did one of the best Super Bowls of all time," she said. "Whether they said it or not, that's how it felt to me."

"I am grateful to all of you. I know how special it is to go out there and hold up and American flag and hold up a Puerto Rican flag and have my daughter sing with me," she continued, "and to represent women and single moms and working moms and say, 'This is what you can do. You can do anything you want to do.'

"That's what I want to teach my daughters, and that's what I want them to see, and that's who I want them to become — strong, independent women who speak up for themselves," Lopez said. "The message tonight was you can use your voice. Get loud. Speak up. Stand up for yourself. Just have the strength — sometimes women lack the strength to really be the best for themselves — and that what I wanted to put out there tonight."

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