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'Star Wars Battlefront II' Backlash Continues on Black Friday, 'Plenty in Stock'

By TheBlast Staff

A protest launched by gamers against EA and their newest game, "Star Wars Battlefront II," is still so intense that even on the biggest shopping day of the year most customers are refusing to purchase it.

The Blast spoke with several retail stores around the country Friday morning, including Target, Best Buy, Walmart and GameStop regarding the initial sales of the newest game in the "Star Wars" franchise.

Each of the stores told a similar story; that sales of the game weren't anything special, and they all still had "plenty in stock."

A user on Reddit posted a photo from his local Target, showing a cleaned out gaming cabinet full of "Battlefront II" copies in both PS4 and Xbox.

Other users commented that they saw the same thing in their stores, and all hailed the sight as "beautiful."

The backstory is that right before the game was launched, it was revealed that many of the premium characters and upgrades in the game were rewarded more favorably to players who purchased them in-game rather than be rewarded from gameplay experience.

The lucrative business model -- known as microtransactions -- was heavily criticized and gave the game a ton of bad PR right before it launched.

In fact, EA got so much heat, they temporarily discontinued microtransactions in the game until they can figure out a better way of doing it.

Interestingly enough, one Gamestop we spoke with at the Mall of America in Minnesota said they began to see more sales once the microtransactions were killed, however the bad PR in the opening days has still left a huge inventory in stock.

EA has since apologized to customers over the whole ordeal, but it appears many gamers are not accepting it.

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