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1. A Lasting Legacy


Even though the show ended in 2014, Sons of Anarchy still has a pretty passionate fandom. People loved the drama that played out within the warring biker gangs and got very attached to the vivid cast of characters.

2. A Heartfelt #TBT

Showrunner Kurt Sutter gave a gift to fans on Twitter, posting a #TBT picture of Ron Perlman, who played fan favorite Clay Morrow. Everyone loved to hate Clay, and this pic reminded everyone how much they missed the character and Sons of Anarchy.

3. Fans Got Very Emotional

Fans tweeted their love of Sons of Anarchy at Sutter, expressing their gratitude over the show that he made.

5. Bring It Back!

Because this is the age of reboots and spinoffs, people also asked Sutter to bring SOA back. Time to start watching Mayans MC, people!

7. 'Sons' Forever

Thank god for streaming services and DVDs so that Sons Of Anarchy can live on forever.

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