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1. A New Baby

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell welcomed a daughter with her boyfriend Matte Babel, announcing the birth on Instagram a week ago. Mitchell has not revealed the name of her baby, nor the actual birth date.

2. A Night Out

Gettyimages | Michael Tran

A few days after the announcement, a video surfaced of Mitchell attending Drake's birthday bash. , with the new mom enjoying some time on the dance floor. Because this is the internet, Mitchell couldn't take some time for herself without the mommy shaming trolls descending into the comments section on her Instagram.

3. The Trolls Descended

@shaymitchell | Instagram

People reports that Mitchell posted a video reading the critical comments to her Instagram stories, saying:

"I haven’t been really checking my comments that often, but apparently people are really upset that I left three days after having a kid to go out and party."

She also responded to a comment that said "Disgusting… leaving your newborn only days after birth" with "Days? Lol honey, just because I posted on that day doesn’t mean she was born on that day."

4. Fans Came To Her Defense

Giphy | Lifetime

However, plenty of Mitchell's fans came to her defense.

"Literally stop judging her I’m sure at that time of night the baby is sleeping we also don’t know when she gave birth"

"Seriously, stop with the mom-shaming. That is what's disgusting. So she gave birth recently.. Doesn't mean her life suddenly became prohibited and that she's restricted to do certain things. Parents don't need to be punished for being parents. It doesn't hurt her and/or her daughter for her to have a little fun and it was one night. It was a freakin birthday party."

Once again, people should just mind their own business.

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