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Shannen Doherty Is PISSED People Are Headed To Beach During Coronavirus Outbreak

By Mike Walters

'90210' star Shannen Doherty is PISSED that crowds of people are making their way to Los Angeles beaches instead of sheltering in place, and she decided to post videos of the cars piled up to make her point!

Doherty shared several videos on Instagram, showing just how crowded the Malibu area of Los Angles has become during the outbreak, and she is not happy about it.

The actress captioned one of her videos which a sharp message about deciding to go out when you are supposed to stay home. She also called out a local restaurant near her house for having people stand in line to get food.

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"I’m so pissed. The amount of people out and about in Malibu is insane. People on beaches, on hikes and not proper distance apart. (the seafood place) shame on you. A line down to the street with people stacked against each other," Doherty wrote.

She continued, "For a community that has shown you endless support, you show that same community zero support instead opting for greed. I understand people needing to make my money. I too have bills to pay but we need to get serious about this or things will get worse. I’m sorry but I love life and all of you to watch this ignorance."

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A few hours later, the actress took a drive and actually got stuck in traffic trying to get back home. She posted a video of the scene with this scathing message...

"Got sent this. Currently going on right now. These are ppl heading over canyon to Malibu. They aren’t grocery shopping. They are going to beaches and hikes etc. how hard is it to stay home unless you have no other option??? Work at a hospital or grocery store, gas station ok I get it. Need groceries?...

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She went on...."Ok yes but the beach? Roaming around within close proximity? Going on hikes with thousands of others? I like fresh air too. I’m in my yard. Away from everyone else. Why? Because I love this world and most in it. I’m doing my part. Can’t these people? Sorry for the rant. #sorrynotsorry."

Shannen announced earlier this year, she is fighting breast cancer that has returned. Also, obviously. people who are fighting the disease are susceptible to some of the harsher symptoms of the virus. Plus, she just has a good point in general. Hanging with people at the beach doesn't seem like a good idea right now, and just remember people are watching.

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