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Ryan Murphy Reveals the Future for His Shows 'AHS,' 'Scream Queens,' 'Politician' & '9-1-1'

Gettyimages | Jean Baptiste Lacroix
By Natalie Hunter

Ryan Murphy is the successful creator behind hit shows 'Glee, ' 'American Horror Story,' '9-1-1' and many more. Murphy revealed to Deadline that he's already looking into setting Season 10 of 'American Horror Story' into motion. "We’re working on an idea for season 10 that I think people will love because it’s about reuniting fan-favorite actors to come back — because it might be our last season. It’s the last season we have contracted," he explained to Deadline although he hopes for another 10.

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"So, I’ve been quietly reaching out to various people. Some people I haven’t reached out to yet because I was like ‘Do I have a role for them?’ So far, everybody, I reached out to said ‘Yes’, so that’s been great." In regards to whether Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, and Evan Peters will return, Murphy confided, Too soon to tell, but I’ll just sort of say, the people who helped build this show into what it is, who believed in it from the beginning, have been contacted and are interested. So if you look at the iconography of the first three seasons, you can figure who I’ve gone to and who might be coming back. I’m always surprised, it’s such a hard show to do."


Murphy also hinted at the possibility of 'Scream Queens' returning to Fox. "I don’t know. I would have to say that the answer to that lies in the studio who made it. Obviously I work for Netflix now, but if I could do anything to bring it back. Emma said she would do it, Lea Michelle said she would do it, Jamie Lee Curtis, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd are all in. So it would depend if Fox wants to do it, Murphy explained.

Giphy | 9-1-1 on FOX

"I think we’d all do it. I think we’re waiting for them to call us. I know the show is very popular and had a real spike in popularity on Hulu. That was another one when we were making it; I don’t know if time has caught up to it, or it takes a while for people to get things, but yes, I’d be up for it. The fans should write Fox and say they want this, Fox Studios and the network." In regards to his other projects, Murphy reveals, "Ratched is coming out in September, it’s a big fall show...'9-1-1' is this unexpected juggernaut...They love it. We’re doing the spinoff Lone Star with Rob Lowe and Liv Tyler... The Politician just premiered in September, and what we’re doing with the second season which is Ben Platt, Judith Light and Bette Midler is so juicy and fun and topical.'

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