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R. Kelly Name Drops Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga in Attempt to Get Out of Jail

By Ryan Naumann

R. Kelly is trying to get out of custody by name dropping two superstars, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, in hopes it will add credibility to his argument to let him out.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Kelly is pleading for the judge to see things his way and trying to argue he is not a risk to the community.

The singer’s lawyer, Douglas Anton, is making a plea for Kelly to be released on bond in his multiple federal criminal cases. He’s also trying to call into questions how certain evidence was collected by investigators.

In the docs, Kelly’s lawyer made sure to mention, “despite Robert being a world famous recording artist for the last thirty years, touring in every country on the planet, working with every major superstar from Michael Jackson to Lady GaGa and selling millions of records, the government feels comfortable to describe, what it has listed as only five (5) “Jane Does,” not all of which are alleged to be minors, out of a public career of 30 years, as reasonably and legally fitting the description of a pattern of, with intended purpose to, “recruit women and girls to engage in illegal sexual activity.” We offer, this description of intent and purpose, as proffered by the government, is an absurdity.”

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Kelly worked with Jackson on the song “You Are Not Alone” and with Gaga on her track “Do What U Want”. She would later apologize for working with the singer.

Kelly's team then starts calling his alleged victims “groupies” and claims they sought out his attention. He claims that they “even fought each other for it, voluntarily contacted him, came to his shows, pined to be with him and how Robert would spend his time and even become friends with, and care about these groupies and fans who were dying to be with him.

Mind you, evidence will show that the Robert Kelly tours and shows would accommodate both male and female fans with access to the singer, picture taking, meet and greets, fan events, backstage passes and the like.”


He also compares his interactions with female fans to other musicians working “with the “Make- A-Wish” and other foundations that staff would pay for travel or accommodations for his fans when they could not themselves afford to attend a performance. This is “touring” rock and roll, not a criminal enterprise.”

Kelly recently plead not guilty to 18 federal charges relating to charges of child pornography and obstruction of justice. He is stuck behind bars after a judge denied him bond.

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