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Rihanna Slammed For Cultural Appropriation Amid Kim Kardashian's Kimono Controversy

Haper's Bazaar / Instagram
By Whitney Vasquez

It's been weeks since Kim Kardashian got slammed for cultural appropriation with her Kimono line and now, it seems to be Rihanna in the hot seat.

The singer is being labeled culturally insensitive for her August Harper's Bazaar China cover and it's sparked a heated debate in her comments.

Rihanna posted the cover on Tuesday, which shows her wearing a high-fashion twist to the traditional Chinese garb. With her hair up and several handheld fan decorations in her updo, the Fenty Beauty founder looks stoic and strong, but not everyone agrees.

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Unsplash | Charisse Kenion

Her cover has sparked the debate of what's cultural appropriate, with several followers arguing that Rihanna shouldn't get a pass.

"I love you to the moon and back and you look fire queen but am also confused WHAT IS CULTURAL APPROPRIATION? If a white gurl pulled out that outfit she would get so much backlash," one person commented. "There is no double standard when it comes to black people and white people cultural appropriating because yes, it is worse when a white person does it," wrote another.

Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are even getting dragged in the debate.

Both reality stars have been accused of cultural appropriation -- Kendall for her Vogue cover where she's wearing an afro-like hairstyle and Kim for her body wear line which she named Kimono.

As The Blast reported, people felt that Kim was attempting to claim a word that wasn't hers and profiting off the Japanese culture. She has since apologized and announced she was renaming it.

Giphy | KUWTK

"yes I did know that Kendall Jenner didn’t chose her hair style for Vogue but still she received lots of negative comments bc she had curly hair ... who are “they’re disrespecting other cultures? Who are they ? White people ?" one follower wrote, to which another fan responded, "the Kardashian/Jenners & some white people."

But not everyone is labeling Rihanna's Vogue cover -- several members of her Navy Army are rushing to their leader's aid to defend her.


"I’m not tryin to see anyone come screaming about cultural appropriation because the stylist is East Asian okay, let’s make that clear," wrote one fan.

Others are simply calling her "Queen" and "Princess" of China.

At this time, Rihanna and Vogue China have yet to address the backlash.

The singer's cover hits stands July 15th.

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