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'RHONY' Star Bethenny Frankel Recalls Days Of 'Bounced Checks' Before Selling Company For $100 Million

By Whitney Vasquez

"Real Housewives of New York" star Bethenny Frankel is a popular TV personality, a mother, a multi-millionaire, and a successful entrepreneur but her life wasn't always like that. The 49-year-old wants to make sure her fans know her financial success didn't happen overnight. She started from scratch and was sometimes so poor she "bounced checks" and couldn't afford a taxi ride. Reflecting on her past, Bethenny Frankel revealed her struggle with finances before hitting it big and how important it is to pay it forward.

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Money Trouble:


Taking to her Instagram on Thursday night, Frankel posted a sweet photo showing her wearing a matching onesie with her daughter, Bryn Hoppy. Her Christmas tree and several presents covering the reality star's floor are seen in the background, an overflow of seasonal decorations. Remembering the days she used to struggle, Bethenny Frankel began her post by stating, "It wasn’t that long ago that I couldn’t afford to take a taxi from my apartment uptown to downtown. I would go to the ATM to get $40 & an 'insufficient funds' slip would pop out." She continued, "I bounced checks, which would then affect other checks I’d written & I would panic over those fees. Then, I would beg the person on the phone for mercy. This was also when I lived alone in my studio apartment, and I had no family or partner."

On Giving Back:


Frankel admitted her struggle wasn't as bad as what many people have been through, but said, "That said, I’ve always been fortunate to have a roof over my head and a place to sleep—something many people cannot say, which makes this time of year happy for some and so sad and scary for so many others." The "RHONY" star, who is known for giving back and organizing rescue reliefs around the world, stated she's teaching her daughter that helping the less fortunate is key.

"I try to teach my daughter about compassion and generosity and I really want her to understand how fortunate she is and how much of a struggle life can be for others," Bethenny Frankel wrote. "When traveling to disaster-struck areas, the most compelling memory is that, no matter how destitute and horrific the situation, the ones surrounded by their families and loved ones have a hope, faith, and happiness that is way stronger than the world’s wealthiest person who feels alone."

Love Trumps Money


Revealing that love is priceless, she added, "Having spent holidays alone and having no rent money and bouncing checks makes me appreciate what I have now—but truly makes me realize that the most important thing in life is LOVE." Ending her message, Bethenny wrote, "Giving to others and sharing with the people you love is literally priceless." While she's a Bravo favorite on "RHONY," not many fans are aware of all the hard work she put into building her SkinnyGirl brand. After putting her blood, sweat, and tears into the successful alcohol brand, she reportedly sold it for $100 million, according to Forbes. Bethenny Frankel is also a New York Times Best Selling author. The entrepreneur also just sold her Manhattan loft for $4 million.

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