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'RHOC' Star Tamra Judge's Son Ryan Speaks Out Following Emotional Episode

By Whitney Vasquez

Tamra Judge's son is addressing fans after Tuesday's emotional "RHOC" episode where fans witnessed his famous mom admit she was worried he'd commit suicide. Ryan Vieth spoke out for the first time since the Bravo episode aired and thanked fans for their support during this difficult time. During the show, Tamra and her 33-year-old son sat down for group therapy to hash out their issues stemming mostly from his childhood. "RHOC" viewers watched as Tamra Judge broke down stating that her "biggest fear" is that "one day Ryan might commit suicide."

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Ryan Speaks Out:


Ryan Vieth, who's used to getting slammed by fans for his strong political views, addressed his followers on social media Wednesday evening. Tamra posted first, revealing her son's Instagram account. Sharing an adorable photo of Ryan with his daughter, Ava, the "RHOC" star stated, "Thank you to everyone that has sent me messages about dealing with depression 😘a lot of people have asked for Ryan’s Instagram @djangosinclaire." Her son took to his social media to thank those who have supported him following the emotional episode. "Thank you for the hundreds of messages ive received over the past 2 days. Everything is good and things are going great," he wrote on his IG story. "Means a lot to have complete strangers reach out with good intentions. Thanks again life is good i can't complain."

His Struggle:

Sitting in their group therapy session, Tamra Judge found it hard to hear her son's inner struggles. "He’s not in a good headspace and I hate to see him struggle,” she told cameras. “I feel like he’s at a point in his life when he’s just numb to life. When Ryan gets overloaded with things, he just kind of shuts down. He’s at that point in his life right now where he’s not happy, and I want to see him happy.” The Bravo star quickly went for the tissue box while explaining how hard it was raising him while in her teens. “I was 17 when I got pregnant with Ryan,” she stated. “I was still in high school.”

Although, she married Ryan's father their marriage was short-lived. During the therapy session, Ryan explained what it was like seeing his stepsiblings live a more privileged life than himself and how he harbored negative feelings over it. “I think I have a lot of resentment growing up,” Ryan admitted. “I didn’t have the worst life, but the older I get, the more I see how my brother, my sisters are growing up, I think a bit of me inside is angry about it.” Tamra immediately revealed she felt at fault, stating, “I carry guilt because I feel like I let him down. I look at my kids now and the opportunities that they have. I have two kids in college now; Ryan, he ran out of the house at 18 because he couldn’t stand his stepdad.”

The Hardest Moment To Watch:


The most emotional moment of Tuesday's "RHOC" episode was when Ryan created a list of words to describe how he felt about himself. Tamra teared up when the therapist read the list out loud. “I’m a bad person, worthless, I’m a failure, can’t succeed, powerless, I don’t belong, I don’t matter," she read. The star immediately began crying and stated, “It just makes me want to die. I struggled with depression, I was sad, I had no self-worth. To hear Ryan say that, it scares me. I worry that one day Ryan might commit suicide. That’s my biggest fear.”

Eddie Wasn't Supportive


Fans began sending tweets in support of Tamra and Ryan, but one person who didn't seem on board with their progress in therapy was her husband Eddie Judge. After Tamra confided in him about their session, Eddie appeared on camera and slammed Ryan. "When you’re struggling with childhood issues as a man, you’re not a man," he stated. Bravo fans immediately began firing shots at Eddie labeling him "cruel." One fan wrote, "Eddie saying your son isn’t a “Man” because he is struggling with childhood issues and needs to get over it???? What a cruel, careless, A$$!!! I’m disgusted by his lack of empathy." Another angry watcher tweeted, "@TamraBarney your son is stunted because you’re stunted. And Eddie - you’re a douche. Not everyone has the same experience and processes it the same way. F---ING DOUCHE. I CANT."

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