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Meghan and Harry

Regular Royalty

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson
By Brian Hurwitz

Celebrities have an unusual relationship with the word "regular." On the one hand, they use it to describe themselves when it relates to parenting, relationships or shortcomings. On the other, they pride themselves on living far from regular lives. This is especially true of those born into a certain degree of celebrity status, such as the former Duke of Sussex. Since Harry and Meghan announced their royal exit with the hopes of leading a more private life and focusing on their new charitable entity, there has been a great deal of speculation about where and how the couple will live. If the past few months are anything to go by, they certainly won't be living a regular life.

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Regular Parents

Meghan and Harry
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It's difficult, if not impossible, to imagine the degree of scrutiny Meghan Markle has been subjected to since she and Prince Harry announced their engagement. An unfortunate amount of it has been so toxic and contemptuous that it's easy to understand why she and her husband wanted to step away from the royal spotlight and start a new life on their own terms. Recently, they announced a significant part of that decision was motivated by their desire to be "regular parents" to their newborn son, Archie.


Following the announcement heard around the world, the family took an extended vacation to Canada where they plan to live for the immediate future. Few things are more indicative regular people than spending the holidays with family. Making it far less regular, however, is the fact that they spent their time there in an $18 million dollar mansion on Vancouver Island. Certainly no one expected the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex to stay at a cheap motel, but it's unlikely they'll opt to live any less opulently when they finally settle on a permanent location.

Next Steps

Disney CEO Bob Iger
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Already living under a microscope, their hopes to be regular parents would be further complicated should Meghan choose to return to her former career as an actress. Despite having avoided answering questions about this, the couple was recently in attendance at an A-List party where a video was shot of Harry praising Meghan's many dramatic talents to Disney CEO Bob Iger. Were anyone capable of greasing the wheels for Meghan to make an eventual return to the screen, it's Bob Iger. And working the kinds of hours film and television productions are notorious for would put a strain on the amount of time Meghan was able to spend with Archie.

First Appearance

Meghan and Harry
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In their first public appearance since their royal exit, Meghan and Harry were the keynote speakers at a summit in Miami hosted by J.P. Morgan. Although the renumeration for their services was not made public, it is believed the couple earned a million dollars for the roughly half hour they spoke. No doubt they will find many such offers coming their way in the near future. And while their desire to be "regular parents" clearly more to do with privacy than it does with paychecks, it's unlikely anyone anywhere will ever see them as regular anything.

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