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Rapper Blueface's Baby Mama Smashes In His Windows With A Pooper Scooper! -- See The Video!

By Mike Walters

Rapper Blueface just had his house windows smashed in by his baby mama, using a metal pooper scooper, and it was all caught on tape!

The rapper is having a rough day and decided to share with the world an argument he is having with the mother of his child, and it is not pretty.

Blueface posted the insane video on Instagram, of his baby mama smashing several windows on the outside of his Los Angeles home, and attempting to break one of the sliding doors.

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See The Shocking Video!


It should be noted, we have no idea what led up to this moment, and Blueface does not explain why it escalated to smashing in the windows. Plus, it also appears the rapper may have locked he out of the home.

In the video, the woman is holding one of those metal popper scooper's and swinging it wildly at the sliding glass door, and several windows.

At one point, she smashes the glass in the house's entryway -- and that seems to stop the barrage of violence.

But, there's more...

Blueface's Front Windows Get Smashed Using A Pooper Scooper!


Blueface just laughs during most of the video, and simply says "baby mama drama" while watching her smash the windows. At one point, it even appears she strikes the hood of the rapper's sports car, sitting in the driveway.

At this point, it's unclear if the rapper called the police, or how the situation ended -- but he says near the end of the clip something about her taking off "running."

The sound in the video is muffled, but it sounds like she is saying something along the lines 'you don't want this' -- but it's hard to make out.

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Not The First Time For Blueface, Dancers Brawl Inside His Home!


Blueface made headlines last month after another gigantic brawl broke out inside his home, after several dancers started arguing after filming a music video.

In the video, which Blueface also shared on Instagram, the girls can be seen pulling each other's hair and ripping off wigs. At one point, you can see one of the dancers crying as she gets dressed.

Also, back in July, L.A. Sheriff's rushed to the rapper's home after a blowout fight with his mother and sister. According to the dispatch audio, obtained by The Blast, Blueface was allegedly "beating" on somebody in the home.

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