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Hollywood Productions Turning To Business Guru, Rabiah Sutton, To Get COVID-19 Safety Equipment!

By Mike Walters

Hollywood television and movie productions have been hit very hard by the outbreak of COVID-19 -- especially the cost of safety equipment -- but now, they are turning to a female entrepreneur who is helping save several shows from going under!

At this point, many tinsel town shows have gone back into production, but in some cases, it is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars extra to acquire PPE and equipment to keep everyone safe. Plus, it is hard to get your hands on the products from the major suppliers.

So, many are turning to Rabiah Sutton, the CEO of FWDthink, a tech company that consults with the federal government -- and she is helping them acquire the necessary (personal protective equipment) through her contacts in that business.

Hollywood Struggling To Afford COVID-19 PPE For It's TV, Movie Productions


We're told when COVID-19 hit, Sutton was contacted by several production bosses and shows, based on her government contacts, in hopes she could connect them with a steady stream of PPE. Plus, they needed it at a cost, that didn't sink the show productions.

They asked, and Sutton delivered!

The problem isn’t that there isn’t enough PPE to go around, it’s that the government, large healthcare systems and other essential public services are using most of the nation's supply and the major vendors aren’t taking on new contracts. This includes 3M, Cardinal Health, Owens & Minor, Medline Industries, Concordance, McKesson, Henry Schein and Grainger. Rabiah has already reached out to all of those vendors in hopes of brokering favorable deals for the private sector.

Rabiah Sutton Making Deals With Major PPE Suppliers For Hollywood Shows!

Gettyimages | Xinzheng

As you know, huge celebrities like Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, and Serena Williams have been buying PPE in bulk, and donating it to places that need it most.

But, while their generosity has been amazing, Rabiah is looking to secure a more permanent solution where major distributors can directly fulfill PPE orders for small businesses, including things like reality shows.

Rabiah became known in Hollywood when she released her best-selling book titled “The Soul of Success” and launched a popular podcast called “8 to 9.”

The largest of the movie productions employ thousands of people per project in some cases, and with people like Rabiah Sutton on the job we just might be able to keep the Entertainment business alive!

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