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R. Kelly Claims He Is NOT 'A Threat To Society,' Begs For Release From Prison

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By Mike Walters

R. Kelly just made a shocking plea to the judge in his child sex assault case to be let out of prison, claiming he is NOT a threat to society if he were to be released.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the disgraced singer claims he has given 'clear and convincing evidence' that he is not a threat to the community if he were to be released from prison.

Yep, he actually said that.

In a letter to the judge, R. Kelly gives several reasons why this is the case, including the fact that he is not a "violent" criminal. His definition of "violent" includes crimes involving weapons, guns, etc. -- Obviously, the prosecutors and his alleged victims would beg to differ.

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R. Kelly Says He Has Not Committed 'Violent' Crimes

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"The question of whether the Defendant had met his burden to establish by clear and convincing evidence that he did not pose a danger to the community was a close one at the March 6 hearing," the letter begins.

It continues, "Defense counsel presented ample evidence at that hearing that aside from the arrest from which the alleged violation of supervised release arises, the Defendant does not have a violent background: no prior convictions involved violent conduct or gun charges."

R. Kelly's lawyers state in their letter filed today, that the singer, has "now established by clear and convincing evidence that he does not pose a danger to the community."

Disgraced Singer Argues Prison Is Filthy And Dangerous


As we reported, Kelly is also making the argument that he is in danger of the rapid spread of the virus in this country and prison is a terrible place to be for 'social distancing.'

"The government appears to wholly overlook the fact that this pandemic is unlike virtually any other that the United States has ever confronted. It has now become clear that is not unique to age, it can strike at the healthy, and it is deadly. The only possible protection from it is “social distancing.” and time," the letter says.

It continues, "A jail is the antithesis of a safe environment. It is closely confined and heavily – populated largely by those who have little respect for others. Hygiene is the exception. Showers are taken by inmates, at best, 2-3 times per week; meals are served in cramped “day” rooms; and “social distancing” is impossible."

Prosecutors Argue He GETS Soap, Just Like Everyone Else

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Prosecutors in the case argue that R. Kelly is like many other inmates in his position, and soap and other supplies are provided while behind bars.

R. Kelly's team is upset by this position, saying, "To suggest that the jail is a safe environment against this disease is foolish, as well as baseless. The purported protective measures being taken by the BOP, and cited by the government, are and will be completely inadequate. First, the idea that, just because more soap has become available, the conditions have miraculously become sanitary, is nonsensical. The inmate still has no protection from those things he must touch."

The singer's team gives an examples of how impossible it is while behind bars to keep yourself clean.

R. Kelly Begs Court To Be Released From Prison

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"For example, the faucet to turn the water off after he washes his hands, the cell door he must open to re-enter his cell, the trays he must touch to eat, and the people he must be around. Regardless of how long he spends in his cell alone, in order just to function, he must continually interact with guards who do not yet even know whether they have been infected," they explain.

At this point, the judge has not granted R. Kelly's request to be released, and prosecutors in the case seem primed to fight it all the way.

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