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R. Kelly May Flee To Dubai If Released From Prison, Claim Prosecutors In Child Sex Case

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By Mike Walters

R. Kelly is a flight risk who will flee to the Middle East if he is released from prison, this according to prosecutors who have asked the a judge in his child sex case to keep him locked up behind bars.

According to a legal letter obtained by The Blast, federal prosecutors in New York are asking a judge to block him from being released, pending his trial on multiple child sex charges.

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The Blast

"The defendant poses a serious risk of flight if released," they said in the legal document.

"While the defendant may not have traveled internationally in recent years, it is not true that he lacks the ability and desire to do so. Indeed, this year, after he had been released on bail in his current Cook County case, he sought to travel to Dubai with his two live-in girlfriends, each of whom took steps to accompany him by submitting applications to obtain their own passports. Indeed, his desire to travel abroad is likely even higher given his diminished stature here in the United States," they concluded.

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Prosecutors also pointed out that R. Kelly is facing charges in four different states and faces many years in prison if convicted.

"He is now facing charges in four different jurisdictions, including two in federal court: the charges in this district (the “EDNY Indictment’) and the charges pending in the Northern District of Illinois (the “NDIL Indictment’). If convicted of certain of the charges in the NDIL Indictment, the defendant faces a minimum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment," they reminded the court.

In the letter, prosecutors also pointed out that in his prior child porn case in 2002, R. Kelly paid people to not testify against him.

"The defendant paid witnesses a substantial sum of money to ensure that they did not testify against him, greatly reducing the likelihood of a conviction and therefore his incentive to flee," they pointed out.

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The singer has made the argument he is essentially broke and could not freely travel around the globe, but the government isn't buying that and point out that he receives large amounts of case from music royalties.

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His, "contention that he has “almost no financial resources” is also misleading. In fact, the defendant continues to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in connection with royalties he is owed for his music. The government’s investigation has revealed that earlier this year, the defendant re-directed those royalties to the bank account of a childhood friend. Regardless of where those funds are being held, however, they belong to the defendant and, at any time, the defendant can redirect those funds - and future royalty proceeds earned - to an account in his name," they told the judge.

R.Kelly is due back in court later this year, and a judge will ultimately decide if he stays behind bars until his trial.

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