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Trump Vs. Biden Presidential Debate Drinking Games Go Viral -- See The Rules!

ABC News
By Mike Walters

The first debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden is about to go down, and social media is lighting up with ways to watch the first of many battles -- cocktail hour style!

Just like in the past, several 'debate drinking games' are going viral on places like Instagram and Facebook, and users (political or not) are sharing it with their friends in preparation for tonight's big event.

Tonight's debate is an important moment in the run for the Presidency, but some are looking for a way to make it a little more enjoyable!

See The Rules...

See The Rules!


Here Are The Rules:

You must take a drink or a shot when either (Trump Or Biden) says the following:


Listen, Obama, Look, Fundamental, By The Way, Come On


China, Lowest, Record, Tougher, Police, Military

Tonight's debate will be broadcast live from Ohio and will be moderated by Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace. The debate will be broken up into six 15 minute segments, each focusing on a topic chosen by Wallace approved by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

At this point, the two candidates will be attempting to collect votes from several important states, as most national polls have Biden in the lead.

Debate Drinking Games, Bingo Go Viral On Social Media...


Interestingly, a few websites are also creating their own bingo cards that can be printed out and followed along while the debate is raging on.

Several cards have popped up in places like Reddit and and users can get started.

Of course, most of the cards include phrases like Taxes, Sleepy Joe, Radical Democrat, COVID-19, Russia, Hunter Biden, Jared Kushner, China, Fake News, etc.

If you are a light drinker, you may want to sit this one out as it seems these phrases might be dropped more than once tonight.

Stay Tuned...

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