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Dr. Pimple Popper Blasts Out A Huge 'Hard-Boiled Egg' Cyst, And Fans Are Losing It

By Emily Reily

Guess What Time It Is?


In case you needed a reason to gag today, the latest Dr. Pimple Popper video has got you covered.

The video starts innocently enough -- typical guy with a typical giant cyst. But then the next shot is of a whole bunch of pus or whatever, just bursting out.

We're Not Kidding - This One's a Corker

If you don't have a real need to look at this video, then just don't. Save yourselves.

It's like when a magician pulls a bouquet of fake flowers out of his sleeve, except instead of some plastic flowers, it's a chunk of waste material from someone's body.

"Couldn’t SQUEEZE all this goodness into 60 seconds, SO It’s an extended play Tuesday! Swipe, Swipe, Hooray! #cyst #squeeze #drpimplepopper," wrote the show's Instagram account

Lose Appetite Much?

It's called a "hard-boiled egg" cyst. People have got to stop giving these atrocities food-related names.

everybodylovesmegan was also thoroughly disgusted. "This one made me the most uncomfortable. I usually love these. My skin walked away from me," she wrote.

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