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OJ Simpson Reveals His Home While Getting Ripped Over Democratic Debates

By Gary Trock

OJ Simpson took some time to give his opinion on the Democratic candidates running for President -- all of whom he cannot vote for ... because he's a felon.

The Juice was one of the millions of Americans tuned in Wednesday night to the Democratic presidential primary debates and gave his take on the political climate.

"Hey Twitter world, it’s me ... yours truly," Simpson began with his familiar opening line.

"Sitting at my house, waiting to watch this debate to hear a bunch of people who think they’re capable of running our country," he said.

Simpson added, "It should be interesting ’cause to be honest, I don’t know most of these guys. But interested to hear what they have to say," and that "every American should be watching this."

The Americans were watching, and also blasting Simpson for showing interest in a political race he cannot take part in.

"Just a stab in the dark here but are ex-cons allowed to vote in your state?" one follower mocked.

"Interesting to see which ones will make the cut. It’s gonna be a bloodbath," another wrote.


Simpson didn't answer the haters -- of which he's had thousands since launching his Twitter account -- but he did show off his house, including some keepsakes on his mantle.

Panning the camera around his living room, Simpson showed off some golf trophies, and even a birthday card.


He also revealed a personal framed photo on the table next to his chair. The camera moves quickly, so it's hard to see for sure ... but it's possible the photo is an old family pic of Simpson, his kids and the late Nicole Brown Simpson.

We did some digging, and think there may be a match with a family photo taken of the group back in 1994 at the premiere of "Naked Gun 33 1/3."


The photo from the premiere, along with OJ and Nicole, featured Jason Simpson, Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan Simpson.

The family pic was taken on March 16, 1994 ... less than 3-months before Nicole was brutally murdered.

It's a shot in the dark, but the colors of the outfits -- and Nicole's blonde hair -- seem to fit the bill.

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