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Nicki Minaj Fans Think She May Be PREGNANT!!

By Mike Walters

Nicki Minaj posted a sexy photo of herself being held from behind by her husband Kenny Petty, but it's the caption the fans are going nuts about thinking the rapper may be PREGNANT!!

The 'Anaconda' rapper posted the photo on Instagram and included the caption, "When u let ya man drunk friend take y’all pics I got 2 days of pics that all look like this. But there’s a lot to celebrate. ♥️🙏🏾 #Yikes deleting this soon lol."

Almost immediately her fans started thinking the celebration is because she is pregnant with her first child.

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Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant??!

"u pregnant sis? thats what u celebrating???" one fan commented after seeing the Instagram post.

Another simply said, "Pregnant????"

One fan tweeted at the rapper asking what she is celebrating, and she just added fuel to the fire by responding, "life."

Recently, Nicki sparked rumors of a possible child on the way during an episode of Queen Radio, saying, “I’m not saying I’m pregnant. That’s the end goa. I think I have what I was striving for, just happiness. It was so hard to get to a happy place. Now that I’m there I don’t want to compromise that for anyone or anything.”

Her Fans Sure Think She Is Having A Baby...

In June, Nicki did the same thing by fueling a rumor of a possible child after her appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.' The duo visited Red Lobster and Minaj was seen drinking out of a lobsterita cocktail glass. When her fans questioned what type of drink was in the glass she replied, “For the record; that was iced tea in that lobsterita glass. No alcohol was consumed in the making of our dinner date.” Fans were convinced at the time she was not drinking alcohol for a reason.

So far, Nicki has not clarified if she is preggo or not!

It Isn't The First Time This Has Happened!

Nicki and Kenny got married in October of this year, and she has made it clear she wants to start a family. But, we are guessing she is going to make a HUGE deal out of it when it happens...not just drop hints on social media.

A few fans jumped on the train of responding to her other point of letting your husband's drunk friends take the pictures.

"Trust me I know them ones," one person said. Adding, "Nooo don't delete !!!! It's cute or whatever"


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