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'Molly Of Denali' Will Be The First Kids' Show With An Indigenous Lead Character

By Emily Reily

The new WGBH / PBS show "Molly Of Denali" has the distinction of being the first childrens' TV show to feature a lead indigenous character.

Sovereign Bill Plays Molly

The heroine in "Molly Of Denali" is Molly Mabray, voiced by Sovereign Bill, 14, of Auburn, Washington.

Sovereign is of Tlingit and Muckleshoot descent.

Golden Opportunity

Alaska Public Media interviewed Molly about her new role.

Sovereign spoke about her heritage and the need for others to understand more about her culture than what is normally known:

"I just hope they get a deeper understanding of our culture. Because many kids, or even adults, just think of Alaska as like igloos… they don’t know a lot about Alaska or Alaska Natives. So it’s just breaking those barriers and giving them that knowledge that is needed and was never really there."

First Indigenous Lead Character

Sovereign also says she doesn't see herself as being reflected in what's on TV these days, and that's why she calls this new children's show "groundbreaking."

"Molly Of Denali" hits PBS stations on July 15.

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