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Matthew McConaughey Fires Up The BBQ To Give First Responders A Thanksgiving Treat

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer
By Jeff Mazzeo

Matthew McConaughey has a lot to be thankful for this year but the family man knows that giving back is the most important part of the holidays.

The actor, who recently joined Instagram, shared some awesome photos of himself preparing a hot meal for Los Angeles Firefighters on Thanksgiving. The series of snaps show that the star gloved up and hit the grill. Another pic showed the star's perfect turkey cutting technique.

"all servants served. #happythanksgiving," McConaughey wrote in the caption of his post.

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BBQ For Charity


McConaughey teamed up with Wild Turkey and a nonprofit organization called Operation BBQ Relief. The org.'s mission is to provide "comfort to those in need by connecting, inspiring, serving, and educating in communities far and wide," according to their website.

The actor met dozens of first responders, shook hands with the crew, and posed in front of two fire engines but he did more than just glad-hand with people. He was seen loading the big birds onto the grill, carving them up, and fixing plates for the station.

Celebs Think He Is the Coolest


Everybody was thrilled with the star's good dead and sounded off in the comments.

"Happy Thanksgiving to you & all the first responders out there ! 🦃🥰❤️,"Reese Witherspoon wrote in the comments section of his post.

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Tamra Judge commented, "You are the coolest dude ever 🙌🏼 happy thanksgiving 🦃."

His millions of followers also expressed how happy they were with the star's good deed.

"You have a heart of gold Matthew! 🙌💙," one fan exclaimed while another said, "Alright alright alright! Happy thanksgiving!"

His Australian Near-Death Encounter


While promoting Wild Turkey in Australia, Matthew revealed that he lived down under when he was young on the show, "Today." He was asked if he had a favorite Australian animal and he said it was the deadly brown snake.

“When I was here, I almost stepped on [a brown snake]. I should have been bitten,” he told the "Today" host.

“It was a bit dark. It went right through my legs and gave me bit of a scare.”

He did not realize it at the time, but he described that his friend was shocked when he saw how close McConaughey came to needing a visit to the emergency room.

“My friend came over, and they caught it and said, ‘That’s a brown snake, mate… that could have really sucked.’ That’s [why it’s] my favorite animal because it didn’t bite me,” McConaughey said.

The brown snake is native to eastern and central Australia and is considered the second-most venomous land snake. Adults can grow up to seven feet long and it has become more common to find them on the outskirts of urban development because of the increased presence of the common mouse.

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