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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Adding Inclusion Riders to Production Company Projects

By TheBlast Staff

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are putting their money where their mouth is and adding inclusion riders to contracts within their Pearl Street Productions projects.

Taking a cue from Frances McDormand, who ended her Academy Award acceptance speech with a call for "inclusion riders," Damon and Affleck's company announced via tweet during SXSW that they will employ the diversity clause in future deals.

Michael B. Jordan came out in support of the riders last week, saying that his production company Outlier Society will also use them for all projects moving forward.

This is one of the first really tangible moves that has been born out of the Time's Up initiative that is seeking to end workplace harassment and inequality across all industries.

The movement already gained huge traction during Awards Season with stars donning all black to the Golden Globes, bringing activists as dates on the red carpet and using camera time to speak about the issue.

Additionally, just yesterday, lawyer Nina Shaw, who works with Time's Up, confirmed during a SXSW panel that Mark Wahlberg made good on his promise to donate $1.5M to the legal defense fund.


Wahlberg made headlines last year when he seemingly made all the money in the world AKA $1.5M for reshoots of the film “All the Money in the World” after disgraced actor Kevin Spacey had to be replaced amid sexual misconduct allegations. His co-star, Michelle Williams, opted not to take a paycheck for the reshoots thinking no one was in light of Spacey's alleged scandal and took just took home the bare minimum.

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