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What Does Billie Eilish Say About Lady Gaga's Meat Dress?

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By Emily Reily

'Meat Dress' Is Up For Debate Again

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"Yikes." That's what Billie Eilish says about Lady Gaga's "meat dress," the one she wore years ago that people may never forget. The look made a fashion impact that's sort of like Bjork's swan dress.

Gaga's dress was made from real meat, which just sounds really gross. How comfortable did that thing feel?

Billie Eilish Is Here To Weigh In

Eilish, and her brother and music collaborator Finneas O'Connell, spoke with Variety recently.

In the video, Eilish talked about about growing up watching music awards ceremonies.

"I used to judge all the girls' dresses.... I barely paid attention to the music," Eilish says.

"Was the meat dress a Grammys event?" O'Connell asks in the video.

"Yikes," Eilish says, or more accurately, "eeeeyiiiikes."

Egg-cellent Times

The two also talk about the egg thing: that time Lady Gaga arrived at the 2011 Grammy Awards in a giant egg.

"My favorite comment was Justin Bieber, (who) was on Chelsea Handler's show at one point, and he was like, "Yeah I know people say it's art, right? But I'm just like, 'you're an egg,' " said O'Connell.

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While many share their disgust of Gaga's controversial and strange wardrobe selections, some on social media haven't taken too kindly to Eilish's observations.

"That is quite disrespectful from them actually. Complaining that an artist that is an icon already in music is not “artistic” but you both who didn’t made 5% of what she did are above everybody else!? Don’t know much about their music, now I will not even be interested," wrote @LuiSousaSinger.

And @davidftgaga_ said: "What's going on with this girl. Joking about gaga when she doesn't know what a fashion icon is? Guuurl the meat dress was more iconic than your career's going to be and that's on periodT. You just join the game and u r already starting joking about someone that is a legend?"

Taking Sides

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But the young musician does have her supporters.

“Billie Eilish is a 17-year-old who stays unproblematic, all she said was ‘yikes’ towards a meat dress since she is a vegan and eco-friendly person. Y’all just tryna cancel every successful person you don’t like #BillieEilishisoverparty,” wrote @bilsilomilos.

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