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Kobe Bryant Deadly Helicopter Crash: All Nine Victims Identified

Gettyimages | David McNew
By Mike Walters

A total of nine people lost their lives in Kobe Bryant's deadly helicopter accident and now all the victims aboard have been identified, including an assistant coach for his daughter's basketball team, Christina Mauser.

Investigators and family members of the passengers of the fateful helicopter flight have released the names of each person on board.

As we reported, the chopper which carried Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna was headed to a youth basketball game in Thousand Oaks, CA. Included onboard the aircraft was assistant coach to Gianna's team, Christina Mauser, who coached at Gigi's school.

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All Victims Identified, 9 Killed...

Gettyimages | David McNew

Also, another 13-year-old player, Payton Chester was on board along with her mother Sarah Chester. As we reported, Orange Coast College head baseball coach John Altobelli, his wife, and his daughter also lost their lives in the crash.

The pilot has been identified as Ara Zobayan, who was a professional flyer, trained and licensed to fly in foggy weather like during this flight. The husband of Christina Mauser, Matt, spoke to the Today Show this morning saying he is "It's horrible," explaining "I’ve got three small kids, and I’m trying to figure out how to navigate life with three kids and no mom."

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He continued, “I’m scared, I think, more than anything, I’m a little scared about the future.” Matt explained how his wife came into contact with Kobe Bryant and started coaching the girls' basketball team.

“Christina — well, [Bryant] didn’t choose Christina for just any ordinary reason, she was extraordinary. She was witty, incredibly witty. Funny -- funny like nobody you’ve ever met … She was warm. She was incredibly bright. She was technologically incredibly savvy, she could figure out anything.”

He continued, “My wife could break you down in two seconds, she knew how to figure you out. … She was incredibly deep.”

Matt Mauser shared the story of how his wife met Kobe, saying they met while working as a Spanish teacher at the private school Kobe's daughter attended.

Chrstina Mauser's Husband Speaks Out...

Facebook/Christina Mauser

Matt shared that he met Bryant while working as a Spanish teacher at a private school that his daughters attended. He said Bryant volunteered as a parent helper on a field trip and connected with the teacher.

She "had an amazing mind for basketball," Matt said. Adding the Mamba Academy team and Kobe called her, 'the mother of defense.”

Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and all of the passengers on the private helicopter were killed when it slammed into a hillside in an area outside of Los Angeles.

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