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A Very Kardashian Christmas

The Kardashians' Christmas festivities are pretty legendary, featuring lavish parties, expensive gifts and Instagram photos featuring a parade of famous people.

However, it wouldn't be a Kardashian joint without some controversy as well, and Kim Kardashian is facing some criticism over the gifts that she and Kanye got for North. Not only is Kanye siding with T.I. and claiming that his atrocious comments about his daughter's hymen are "God approved," he and Kim also thought that clothes worn by Michael Jackson are appropriate gifts for a young girl.

Controversial Gifts

@kimkardashian | Instagram Story

While Kourtney may have been in hot water over the puppy that she got her kids, Kim is facing even more backlash with the exorbitantly expensive gifts that she got for North this year. According to her Instagram stories, Kim and Kanye purchased the jacket Michael Jackson wore to Elizabeth Taylor's birthday party in 1997, as well as the hat that he wore in the "Smooth Criminal" music video. The items are allegedly worth $65,000 and $56,000.

According to Kim, the 6-year-old is a huge fan of MJ.

"We had it tacked up so she can wear it. The sleeves are half-tacked up so when she gets older, we can un-tack the sleeve and it can grow with her, so she can have this for her whole life. She’s so grateful and excited."

Nothing like the wildly expensive clothing worn by an alleged child abuser for a little girl's Christmas present!

An Internet Hoax

However, in a slightly hilarious turn of events, an internet hoax got mixed up in this whole controversy as well. An internet user faked an Instagram story screenshot that made it look like Kim also bought the shirt that JFK was shot wearing. Not only that, but some lazy reporting on the part of Refinery29 had them reporting the faked image as an actual fact. The article has since been updated, but not before Kim saw the claim and tweeted out her disapproval.

"WOW this is obviously fake! @Refinery29 I did not get JFK's shirt. That is a sick joke that someone tweeted as a fake ig story that I never posted."

People Are Angry

So, while the internet is laughing at this "sick joke," they're also annoyed that Kim Kardashian was able to buy Jackson's clothing while his own daughter Paris has been struggling to get ahold of some of her father's personal effects.

"SHE'S HER [sic HIS] DAUGHTER GUYS ! IT'S CRAZY ! She had to wait for having the things of her own father. And then we have Kim Kardashian having MJ's things in their closet for North. Like are we serious ? @ParisJackson apologize them love x"

"So Paris Jackson has been begging the estate for her fathers clothes but fucking north west, who wasn’t even alive at the same time, gets a whole ensemble with minimal issue???"

Yeah, maybe Kim and Kanye should have thought this one through.

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