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Kim Kardashian Gets Handsy With Busty Model While Demonstrating New Boob Tape

By Whitney Vasquez

Kim Kardashian has been spilling her secret that boob tape is what gives her cleavage for years and now she's showing us exactly how it's done! The 39-year-old entrepreneur gave a hands-on demonstration of how her new product works but instead of doing it on herself, she grabbed a busty model for the instructional video. Kim recently revealed she was adding tape to her shapewear line. She calls the new products "Styling Solutions," and the non-harsh tape comes in several skin colors making it easy to conceal under clothing.

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The Play-By-Play


The "Keeping Up With The Kardashian" star shared her secrets to perky cleavage on her social media Tuesday night. "Hey guys, I'm in my closet and I'm going to show you how to tape up your boobs with the boob tape because it's something that I used for so many years," she stated beginning her demonstration. She then explained how the tape gives women an instant boob lift for tricky wardrobe choices when you can't wear a bra. Kim Kardashian also promised her product is "pain-free," unlike the years she used actual tape and would "rip her skin" when it came to removal time.

Here We Go!


"I haven't really seen a tape that's out there that was in different variety of new colors, so I'm excited to launch these really soon along with our nipple covers," she is heard saying in the video. While showing off the different colors, Kim admitted they "won't match the exact skin tone," but they will be close. After cutting a generous portion of the tape, she showed how easy and effortless it is to apply the product to skin by simply taking off the sticky back. "If only we had this back in the day, that would be so amazing," she recalled. Kim also made sure to tell fans portion control is key with advice that included cutting off enough to cover the bottom of the breast all the way to the shoulder. Kim placed the tape on the model and made sure to smooth out any wrinkles that showed. "I try not to go to in near her neck because usually a dress comes in that way," she said. "The key is to not see the tape."

Blast From The Past!


After Kim Kardashian was done demonstrating on the model, she shared photo after photo of herself from the days she used tape. "I'm going to show you guys picture of me where I used tape (either duct tape or gaffers tape) to tape up my boobs! I wish @skims tape existed because I will find pictures of my ripped skin once I took the tape off," she wrote. "It was important to make sure our @skims tape is gentle when removing."

Kim then went on to post a snap dating all the way back to 2008 "where it all started." Smiling in her closet, it's clear she's using real tape to hold her boobs up. While it works, it looks awfully painful. Her SKIMS tape will be available soon on her website, but here's what we know so far. The 45-feet lengthed tape and teardrop-shaped pasties are promised to be sweatproof, waterproof and lasts up to 12 hours. They come in three different skin shades and launched tomorrow!

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