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We're About To Get More Hart On Netflix


Comedian and actor Kevin Hart will be seen on Netflix yet again, this time in a docuseries called "Don't F**k This Up." The series launches Dec. 27.

The six-part series will delve into what has shaped Hart's life as a dad, role model, and comedian.

According to Deadline:

"Through interviews with his friends and family, archival footage and personal anecdotes, the series will include a look at his day-to-day life, the fall out from the Oscar hosting controversy, his marriage, and, of course, his career."


The docuseries is another segment of Hart's partnership with Netflix. There have been two other comedy specials on the streaming site: "Kevin Hart: Irresponsible" and "Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History Himself."

There is no word on whether details of Hart's Sept. 1 accident might be included in "Don't F**k This Up," though it clearly has played a major role in his life up to this point.

Hart's Had Some Ups and Downs

Giphy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

On Sept.1, the news came out that Hart was involved in a serious car accident on Mulholland Highway.

Hart was riding in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda on Aug. 31 with driver Jared Black and passenger Rachel Broxterman. California Highway Patrol said that the car lost control, got off the road and rolled down an embankment and into a ditch, trapping the three.

Black and Hart sustained "major back injuries" in the accident. Hart continues to undergo physical therapy to get back to his old self.

He's Everywhere Now

Giphy | Jumanji: The Next Level

"Don't F**k This Up," will also contain footage of Hart as a child, personal anecdotes and his time in stand-up before he really hit it big.

The docuseries will appear just two weeks after Hart's appearance in _Jumanji: The Next Level._

The backlash from Hart's Oscars controversy will also be covered in the six-part series. That brouhaha arose when Hart was initially named as the host of the 2019 Oscars.

Soon after the announcement, tweets emerged that showed Hart using anti-gay sentiments. Two days after the announcement, he dropped out of the job.

Back In Action

Hart was on Instagram this morning and posted a video in which he announced the upcoming documentary.

"We just got our release date for Dec. 27... I'm excited about it. It's a look into my life over the past year and a half.... which has been a hell of a rollercoaster -- peaks, hills, valleys, ups, downs."

"It's as real, as raw, as transparent as you can be. It's something that I think people need to see....always looking for ways to improve and progress."

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