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Kelly Clarkson Divorce: Signs Pointed Towards Split During Last Few Interviews, Hear Her Answers!

Gettyimages | Jeff Kravitz
By Mike Walters

Kelly Clarkson was juggling being a working mother and taking care of her family in the weeks leading up to filing for divorce, and in her recent interviews, there were a few signs pointing to this possible situation.

A few months ago, Kelly discussed what is was like being a leading lady on daytime television and the struggle with balancing home life.

“In any industry, it’s hard to be a working parent. It’s hard to fit your kids in, your significant other in, your family,” she said in December of 2019.

She continued, “It’s a hard thing to do and also hold down a job that you really believe in and you’re into. And especially this industry is very demanding.”

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But, The 'Kelly Clarkson Show' host noted that she told her 'Voice team constantly that they should prioritize their families.

“I actually just said, I was like, ‘family is first and foremost. Family is always first.’ I think a lot of people put all their confidence and worth and value in this job and it’s fleeting," she said.

Adding, "We have expiration dates, everyone does in every job. So I always really encourage them to just do this because they really love to because if you don’t, it’s just a lot of work and you’re not getting to be around your loved ones as much as you want to be. I’m a Debbie Downer. I don’t mean to be, but I like to be realistic.”

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Kelly & Brandon Disagreed About Expanding Their Family


In other words, Kelly knew exactly how hard it was going to be to juggle both her huge jobs in Hollywood -- and marriage -- and be a mother of 4 children.

Interestingly, in May, Kelly revealed that her and husband Brandon Blackstock, disagreed about having another child. "I so want another child, and my husband is like, No! We have four!"

As we reported, Kelly and Brandon quarantined together on the family ranch in Montana, and it was the straw that broke the camels back.

Kelly actually spoke about the difficulties with being under quarantine, revealing the specifics surrounding her birthday in April.

'On My Birthday, I Literally Asked To Be Left Alone'

Gettyimages | NBC

"I literally looked at my husband, ‘cause it was a rough week of work and non-stop everything, and I said, ‘I don't want to cook one damn meal. I don't want to clean one article of clothing. I don't want to do anything.' … If my children were to come in and hug me, that's fine and then they leave,” she told Seth Meyers a few weeks before filing for divorce.

She continued, "So, on my birthday, I literally asked to be left alone, which is funny since we're all in isolation. But I am not in isolation. I'm constantly surrounded by people. So, I was alone and I enjoyed it and I did nothing but eat stuff that probably I gained 10 pounds and I watched, you know, whatever I was watching … I don't even remember."

As we reported, Kelly filed for divorce on June. 4, 2020, and asked the judge to award joint custody of couples two minor children to her and Brandon. She is also asking the court to enforce their prenuptial agreement.

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