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Kanye West Sparks Massive Mental Health Worries During First Presidential Campaign Appearance

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Mike Walters

Kanye West just held his first presidential rally and the overwhelming response is the legendary rapper needs mental health treatment as soon as possible.

The 'Yeezy' boss just took the stage in Charleston, South Carolina, and almost immediately it seemed he was rambling and began sobbing while speaking. Kanye also made several statements that infuriated many people who were watching the event.

At one point, West revealed that his mother saved his life by not aborting him as a fetus. "My dad wanted to abort me!" he screamed to the crowd.

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'Please Get Kanye West The Mental Health He Needs'


According to multiple reports, while speaking to the crowd, Kanye also mentioned divorce with Kim Kardashian. Apparently, his point was that even if she leaves him, that he is happy she brought his children into the world.

Also, Kanye made statements regarding the valitiy of history regarding Harriet Tubman rescuing slaves. Kanye told the crowd Tubman didn't actually free any slaves she just had them "work for other white people."

As you can imagine, tons of his fans and observers are very worried about the rapper, believing he may be in the throes of a very serious mental break.

Kanye West Says His Father Wanted To Abort Him, Talks Kim K. Divorce


"Please get Kanye West the mental help he needs," one tweet read.

"Please get #kanyewest some meds, immediately!" another said.

Last week, it was reported Kanye's family believes he may be suffering from a bipolar episode -- and hopes that like in the past he may get past it.

"Anyone this emotionally unstable cannot possibly be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. LOL to people on the right thinking this was a great idea," one tweet read.

Also, as you can imagine, many people are infuriated with the Tubman references...."Kanye West is the first person I ever heard talk badly about Harriet Tubman’s legacy. He’s a total disgrace," a person posted.

Kanye West Starts Sobbing During Presidential Campaign Speech, Sparks Worries


During his speech, Kanye touched on subjects including Christianity, gun violence, corporations misusing black heritage symbol, his marijuana use, and financial issues.

The overwhelming reaction is hoping that Kanye can get the help he needs and some even were upset at anyone feeding into this situation.

"Everybody gets off on watching Kanye West and his untreated mental illness and it’s pretty gross. Clearly needs help."

It should be noted, Kanye has been very public about his mental illness and had said he does not always take his medication due to it curbing his creativity. The legendary rapper was also hospitalized for 8 days after suffering from an episode.

Several fans even asked if other celebrities should help Kanye at this point, "If Jay-Z is really Kanye West's friend? He would talk him into getting mental treatment."

Kim Kardashian has yet to comment on the situation.

In the end, Kanye told the crowd, “That was extremely good. That was extremely bad. I’m out.”

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