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Kanye West SLAMMED For Backhanded Compliment To New VP Hopeful Kamala Harris!

By Mike Walters

Kanye West decided to give Kamala Harris a belated shout-out for receiving the Vice-President seat on Joe Biden's ticket, but the rapper is now being slammed for what is being called a 'backhanded compliment.'

The 'Yeezy' boss has been on quite the Twitter rant and his latest message was directed at Vice Presidental hopeful Kamala Harris.

In Kanye's message, he does congratulate Harris for earning the spot but then reminds her she is going to LOSE because he is going to win the presidency.

Check Out His Message...

Kanye West Congratulates Kamala Harris, Says He Is Going To Beat Her!


"I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends ... congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee🙏🏾 ... " Kanye tweeted.

This would have been a nice and respectful message. But, he didn't stop there.

"All love and respect from the future president 🕊 It’s an honor to run against you," he continued.

Of course, many people are outraged by the rapper's message, especially since he is being accused of running a campaign which could siphon off votes which would have gone to Joe Biden, and will instead go to Kanye.

Kanye Accused Of Working With Trump Campaign To Take Votes From Biden


"Drop out. You’re just going to siphon off votes from an actual viable candidate. You’re being used," one person tweeted.

As we reported, Kanye reportedly met with Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner and many believe Kanye is somehow working with the Trump campaign to take away votes from Joe Biden. At this point, based on missing several deadlines and the size of Kanye's poll numbers, he has ZERO chance of winning.

The problem is, Kanye's political aspirations may start causing problems for his actual business. "Kanye is meddling with our future, we need to do our part #BoycottKanye @Gap @adidas," a tweet read.

"You’re running? Dude you’ve never had any relevant experience. Harris is a Senator and she’s not Taylor Swift. Get back in your lane," another posted.

Kanye West's Presidential Run Is Full Steam Ahead!


In this case, many are applauding the fact that Kamala Harris will be the first black woman to ever have the Vice Presidental seat, and feel Kanye West could trying to stand in the way of success.

Plus, Kanye's own wife -- Kim Kardashian -- says he is in the middle of a massive bipolar episode and is considering divorcing the rapper if this doesn't stop.

In the end, many hope he will drop the charade and gets mental health treatment. "I say this from the bottom of my heart and as someone who lived with a parent with mental illness if you love your children at all get help. Get it now you have the resources to get the best help possible. Before you permanently damage your children," one fan tweeted.

At this point, it appears Kanye's Presidential run is full-steam ahead.

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