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Kanye West has uncovered his bid for the presidency.

Paris Hilton, John Stamos Mock Kanye West's Presidential Run

Gettyimages | Lars Niki
By Emily Reily

Celebrities like Paris Hilton, John Stamos and others are having a field day with Kanye West's announcement that he's going to run for president this November. West plans to face off against former Vice President Joe Biden and incumbent President Donald Trump in an election that comes amid a pandemic, a severe economic downturn, and hundreds of protests to support Black Lives Matter.

Stamos, the star of "Fuller House," says he and co-star and comedian Bob Saget have some news: They too are running for president in what they call the Saget / Stamos ticket.

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John Stamos and Bob Saget already have the poster art for their run.
Instagram / John Stamos, Bob Saget

They even have a campaign poster already done up, which Stamos and Saget posted on Instagram. The blue and red styling recalls former President Barack Obama's "Hope" poster.

Saget and Stamos are calling it "Full House In the White House," and that's a pretty clever slogan. Stamos also indicated he could step in for Saget just in case he died, writing, “And if anything should happen to Saget…”

Saget sounded grateful, replying: “That gives me comfort John. Love you so much and so looking forward to our two terms!!”

Comedian Bob Saget up to his usual shenanigans.
Wikimedia |

Saget also shared the news and poster on his Instagram. "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I slept on it, and decided… If Kanye can do it, @JohnStamos and I can do it!!! So get excited, ‘cause ‘FULL HOUSE IS COMING TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!’ #SAGETSTAMOS2020!!!”

Clearly it's a massive troll aimed at West and his sudden decision to run for president of the United States.

Giphy | Paris Hilton

Socialite and millionaire Paris Hilton also says she's throwing her hat in the ring in this year's election. On July 4, she tweeted: "PARIS FOR PRESIDENT," and posted emojis of a princess, the American flag, and some stars.

She's already gaining support for her run on social media.

@pedestriandaily supports the move, tweeting: "Make America Hot Again. #ParisForPresident @ParisHilton."

On July 5, @ThePubliusUSA tweeted:

"I am joining Kanye West and Paris Hilton and am announcing my 2020 candidacy for President of the United States.

My campaign slogan: Vote for @JoeBiden like your life depends on it - because, frankly, it does. cc: @ParisHilton, @kanyewest"

President Trump and Kanye West are close friends, and West supports Trump politically.
Wikimedia |

Since 2020 is already a raging dumpster fire, then why not have even more trolls and celebrities saying they're going to run for president? Let's go whole hog here.

@sevennwonderss tweeted to Hilton: "Make America hot again," and included hearts and stars emojis.

@CatherineJavel3's tweet saying "I would vote for Paris before trump or Kanye," got more than 4,000 likes, so maybe they're on to something.

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