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John Legend Reveals His Camera Roll And It's Mainly Just Adorable Pics of Luna

By TheBlast Staff

John Legend is sharing photos from his iPhone and right from the start he warns everyone his daughter is pretty much his main photo subject these days.

"My daughter Luna's going to be in a lot of these pictures because pretty much when you become a new parent your camera roll gets taken over by your kid," he says, which got us instantly excited, but it wasn't until we heard him describing the pictures that we started swooning!

Going through his photos, he shows Luna at a birthday party "with a bunny in her pretty pink dress that got lots of stains on it." See? *swoon*

Or when he shows the sweet "Sesame Street" video he made especially for Luna with her favorite character, Elmo. "Luna loved it," Legend said with a big smile on his face. *swoon again*

The third thing he shared from his camera roll was a picture of Luna riding around in her chariot where he says, "she puts shades on now because she thinks she's soooo cool." *swoon*

Okay, so we won't go through everything ... we'll leave some mystery as to what else he shows.

Also worth noting: Legend talks about a very exclusive spot in L.A. that he took a picture at even though it's prohibited. If you can even get in to where he was, don't try it ... you are not John Legend.

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