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Where's the spinoff "Joey"?

Is This Why Matt LeBlanc's 'Joey' Isn't On With 'Friends'?

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By Emily Reily

NBC's hit show "Friends" was a sitcom giant, running for 10 seasons. Dedicated fans watched the adventures of Rachel, Ross, Joey, Phoebe and Monica as they matured, hooked up, laughed, cried and joked all the way to the end. But there was also a direct sequel, "Joey," which starred Matt LeBlanc, that you may have forgotten about.

While "Friends" is now on HBO Max, the brand-new streaming service, you would think "Joey" would be found there as well, but it's nowhere to be seen. Variety looked into the possible reason why.

HBO Max is quite excited to have some "Friends" back.
Twitter / HBO Max

Variety writes that an HBO Max spokesperson did confirm that "Joey" is not joining its parent show, "Friends," just yet, but said, “But we’re always assessing available shows to see what will be a good fit and well received by subscribers.”

Meanwhile, HBO Max shelled out a cool $425 million to own "Friends." It was clearly the right choice to back the show that is still easily bingeable, with its lovable, funny characters and endless meme-ability, but not having "Joey" around seems a little off.

HBO Max is heavily promoting its massive haul of "Friends."
Twitter / HBO Max

"Joey" starred Drea de Matteo as Joey’s older sister, and Paulo Costanzo starred as his nephew, Michael. Jennifer Coolidge, Andrea Anders, Ben Falcone and Miguel A. Nunez Jr. were also on "Joey."

Though the sitcom had a good start, and got renewed for a second season, it quickly fizzled. While they were able to film 46 episodes of "Joey," the last eight episodes never even aired on NBC.

LeBlanc can be found on the CBS show "Man With a Plan."
Twitter / Matt LeBlanc

Given that "Joey" was just two seasons, it's easy to forget it ever existed in the first place. The show followed Joey Tribbiani as he pulled up his roots in New York City and headed to Hollywood to continue to pursue his acting career.

At the time it ran, Variety said "Joey" was a “polished and likable half-hour.” That's not a glowing review, nor is it a negative one -- it's just kind of in the middle. Maybe that's what spelled trouble for "Joey" -- being just meh.


Joey was created by Scott Silveri and Shana Goldberg-Meehan, who joined up with producer and director Kevin S. Bright. Bright was part of the well-known Bright/Kauffman/Crane trinity that created "Friends."

Bright, in interviews, has also acknowledged some of the material written for the character "Joey" was nothing but a “huge mistake.”

Variety writes that even LeBlanc has been able to laugh at the show's brief life, like in "Episodes," his series on Showtime.

Either way, "Joey" was produced and is owned by Warner Bros. TV, so while it's all seemingly one big happy family, "Joey" is still the outcast.

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