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Man Arrested After Attempting To Meet 'Eagles' Joe Walsh And Stalking His Daughter

Gettyimages | Kevin Kane
By Mike Walters

A man was arrested after breaking a restraining order, and after showing up to the family 'The Eagles' Joe Walsh's home, and attempting to give the rock legend a plaque of 'The Last Supper."

According to law enforcement, the person (who we've chosen not to name) was arrested on charges of "contempt of court" after a judge had ordered him to stay away from the rock stars home and family.

The Restraining Order


According to a request for a restraining order, obtained by The Blast, Walsh's daughter Lucy Walsh, filed the documents asking the court to keep this person away from her and her famous father.

"On October 3, 2019, the respondent showed up at our family residence attempting to present a copy of the last supper to (Joe Walsh) and make contact with me. (He) spoke with a witness and remained in front of the residence for several hours. This incident was reported to LAPD. (He) has made several other attempts to contact me at my former residence," she says in the documents.

The Last Supper


Lucy, who is known for her role on the 9th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm opposite Elizabeth Banks and Larry David, says he showed up 4-5 other times in the following days.

In the documents, she says, "He admitted he had traveled a great distance to address a “spiritual feeling” that called on him to show up at the house. When asked why he wanted to talk to me, (He) stated he had a gift for (Walsh) which was a plaque depicting the Last Supper."

Conduct "Constitutes Stalking"


She says in her request to the court, "The behavior and statements put me in fear for myself and caused me substantial emotional distress." and has been forced to move out of the house.

In the request, Lucy says the person's "statements indicate an unhealthy obsession with me and such conduct constitutes stalking."

Person Arrested By LAPD


A judge issued the restraining order, saying he must stay 100 yards away from the musician's daughter, and the house. The order appears not to include Joe Walsh for some reason.

LAPD arrested the man for "contempt of court" after he broke restrictions in the restraining order issued by a Los Angeles court judge.

The person, a 36-year-old male, is currently being held in a Los Angeles County Jail on $50,000 bail, awaiting a court hearing on the charges.

He is due back in court to face charges on October 24, 2019.

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