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Some Are Taking Aim At DeNiro's 'The Irishman,' Regarding Jimmy Hoffa's Murder

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By Emily Reily

Riddle Me This

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Fox Nation has a new docu-series called "Riddle: The Search For Jimmy Hoffa," and emerging facts from that show are casting doubt on the Robert De Niro movie The Irishman, which has been getting rave reviews at theaters.

Fox and Friends Docuseries Has the Details

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Fox News senior correspondent Eric Shawn talked with "Fox and Friends" this morning and cited experts, saying, "Everyone's talking about [Hoffa] now, because of 'The Irishman'... but the experts are saying the movie is not true."

"The Daily Beast says it's a lie. Vanity Fair says the confession is discredited. Slate says that the guy made it up," says Shawn.

Shawn appears to be lobbying hard for the government to release everything they know in the hopes of solving the murder of Jimmy Hoffa once and for all.

'The Irishman' Has Its Own Theory


The Irishman borrows from "I Heard You Paint Houses," a 2004 book about Frank Sheeran, a mob hit man who says he killed Hoffa, the legendary Teamsters leader.

Sheeran says he became friends with Hoffa, but then betrayed him. Sheeran allegedly murdered Hoffa while working with Hoffa's mafia enemies.

Shawn told "Fox Nation" he met Sheeran in 2001. Sheeran apparently told Shawn: "point-blank that he shot Jimmy Hoffa in the head in [a] house in Detroit."

So in 2004, Shawn probed Sheeran's claims, taking apart some floorboards of a house in Detroit to examine remnants of blood. But Bloomfield, Michigan police say the blood doesn't belong to Hoffa.

Secondhand Info

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Shawn then turned to ex-Philadelphia mob kingpin Ralph Natale, who denied that Sheeran pulled the trigger.

"Did Frank Sheeran kill Jimmy Hoffa?" Shawn asked.

Natale answered: "No! Not in a million years. No."

Shawn shot back: "He's a confessed mob killer."

But Natale had an answer for that, too:

"You got to watch these so-called guys. He was a drunk and a Teamster. That's all he was. Every time you saw him he was drunk."

Jimmy Hoffa disappeared July 30, 1975, and was declared dead July 30, 1982.

Maybe It Was 'Sally Bugs'

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Shawn is now shopping the theory that Jimmy Hoffa's real killer is Salvatore "Sally Bugs" Briguglio, another mob hitman.

In the Fox Nation show "Riddle: The Search For James R. Hoffa," Phillip Moscato Jr., whose dad is Phillip "Brother" Moscato, Sr., another Hoffa murder suspect, says Moscato Sr. confessed to the crime as he lay dying. "Brother" Moscato worked for a Genovese crime family.

Moscato Jr. explained what happened to Fox Nation.

"My mother goes and leaves and he said, 'I have a few things I want to talk to you about.' And I'm thinking 'Take care of your mother,' you know, I am going to hear all that... and then he drops a bombshell."

Will the truth ever come out?

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