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Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Load Up on Carbs After Completing 10-Day Challenge

By TheBlast Staff

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez had a full-on feast after nearly two weeks of depriving themselves of sugar and carbohydrates.

The duo had the idea for the 10-day challenge to get their bodies tight and encouraged everyone else to join in. Despite documenting the struggle, they made it through and celebrated Thursday with a massive spread.

A-Rod jumped in with both feet -- chowing down on all the best carbs, including three different types of pizza, chicken wings and fries. Topping the meal off with a plate full of baked goods, the former MLB star seemed happy to indulge after depriving himself of all the best food.

J. Lo shared her version of splurging too, which still included a salad. If we had to choose, it's safe to say we'd rather share a greasy dinner with A-Rod!


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