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An image of Jennifer Aniston on the October cover of InStyle magazine has gotten some unwanted attention for the particularly dark spray tan the actress is sporting.

Aniston is seen in five different covers of InStyle's Beauty issue, channeling previous style icons Brigitte Bardot, Charlotte Rampling, Lauren Hutton, Catherine Deneuve, and Veruschka.

Aniston Going For That Veruschka Look

Gettyimages | Franco Rubartelli

The controversial photo is meant to represent Veruschka, but people noted Aniston's very tanned complexion.

"I don’t remember her being this dark," said one, while another tried to be more subtle: "Little heavy on the tan dontcha think??"

Laying It On Pretty Thick?


AnneFromThe Chi asked to put the lid on these heavy spray tans, cc'ing Aniston and Ariana Grande:

"To my fellow pale ladies: please cool it with the spray tans. They don’t make you look better. You just look like a culture vulture. Embrace that ghostly glow!"

"CC: Jennifer Aniston, Ariana Grande"

Did Editors Just Miss This?

Others are defending Aniston for her spray tan. Cynthia73033134 spoke out on Twitter, referring to Aniston's family roots.

"2019 America: a white girl cant lay out too long or use too much bronzer without getting slammed for cultural appropriation. #JenniferAniston is Greek, you social justice lunatics... it is very possible that she actually is THAT tan... and also WHO GIVES A RIP. Good grief."

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