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Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston's Hand Grab At SAG Awards -- See The Internet Melting Pic!

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Mike Walters

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston finally ran into each backstage at the SAG Awards, and the photo that was captured of the moment, has the entire internet losing its mind!

The picture doesn't really need a lot of explanation, just take a look at the expression on both of their faces. Plus, the hand grab?! I don't think there is a person in the world that doesn't want to grabbed by Brad Pitt that way.

It kind of says...ya, I want you back. Don't leave...I need to tell you something. OK, sorry we are in our own heads!

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Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea

The pictures wern't the only great moment between these two at the awards show Sunday night. BOTH Brad and Jennifer were big winners at the event, and Brad actually made a great marriage joke about his role in 'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.'

Pitt joked about playing a character who “who gets high, takes his shift off and doesn’t get on with his wife” was a stretch. The place lost it...and of course, producers cut right to Aniston who gave her ex-husband an agreeing clap.

Gettyimages | Vivien Killilea

If that wasn't enough, and yes most of us are crying by now...Brad stopped backstage on the way out to watch Jennifer Aniston win her big award on a television screen...and it was all caught on tape!

Twitter lit up like a Christmas tree once the photos of the two of them together made their way online....with one tweet saying, "Brad Pitt stopped everything backstage to watch Jennifer Aniston's acceptance speech at the #SAGAwards. Wow guys—it really has been our day, our week, our month, and even our year."

Another said it like this -- "Cause of death: Brad Pitt holding Jennifer Aniston’s hand at the #SAGAwards."

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

A few Jennifer fans warned the actress about the way it ended the first time, saying, "Looks like Brad Pitt finally stopped to appreciate Jennifer Aniston. Better late than never."

Photographers snapped the two of them embracing backstage and we get to see every single moment! For some reason these photos make most people feel like everything will be OK in the world!

Let's be honest, these two may never get back together again, but we can sit and stare at these photos and hope all we want!

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