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Jason Momoa Is Being Body-Shamed For His 'Dad Bod' While On Vacation

By Emily Reily

Jason Momoa, who's supposed to be on vacation, is facing "dad bod" bodyshaming comments.

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Some Didn't Take Kindly To Momoa's New Look

A picture of Momoa that he posted on Instagram seems to be the culprit in this latest controversy.

One celebrity news site found a couple instigators who posted messages like "what happened to his abs?" and "This is what it looks like when he lets himself go."

Unfair Comments


A comment from someone whose name was blurred out was pegged to a story online with the text: “Someone needs to start lifting again.”

The gall.

The Pinnacle Of Health


There doesn't seem to be much here about Momoa's look that screams "dad bod," honestly. And even if some say that's what he has, the actor is definitely not out of shape.

Any guy would be happy to have this physique, so it's difficult to see how his current look could be considered "bad" or "dad-bod-ish."

Momoa Can Do No Wrong

People sprang to Momoa's defense, saying the man should be able to go on vacation looking however he wants.

Over the years, Momoa has gained oodles of fans the world over -- he was the guy who had a Girl Scout cookie named after him, for instance.

How could anyone speak negatively of Jason Momoa, or his still-ripped body?

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