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Iskra Lawrence Shows Support for Nike's Plus-Size Mannequins: 'All Bodies Deserve Representation'

By TheBlast Staff

Iskra Lawrence is speaking out against the backlash facing Nike after they introduced plus-size mannequins, slamming the haters and saying every size deserves representation.

The plus-size model went off Tuesday on Instagram, reposting a tweet from The Telegraph quoting their writer's unpopular opinion, which she wrote in a lengthy article titled, "Obese Mannequins Are Selling Women A Dangerous Lie."

"This is fatphobia, shaming other people’s bodies and passing judgement [sic] on their health is not your business, and excluding diverse bodies is the opposite of progress," Iskra began her rant about the article.

Comparing herself now to her skinnier days, she says, "I’m nearly 200lbs of 'I will kick your a$$ in a sprint, boxing jumping and lifting over half my body weight.'"

Iskra continues to show her support for Nike's decision by sharing others' responses to the article concerning their own weight.

"[H]ow dare you try and disallow other humans from being represented," the model wrote. "Everyone has the right to look after their bodies regardless of the size they wear or where their current fitness level or health is."

Iskra Lawrence photos

She added, "Well diverse bodies aren’t invisible and aren’t going anywhere so get ready to see them everywhere."

Making sure to end her rant on a positive note, Iskra sends a warning to her followers: "Also if this is triggering for anyone. You are enough your body is enough and you are always worthy of love."

Nike has been getting mixed reviews for their recent move of adding plus-size mannequins to their flagship store in London, but The Telegraph's headline threw people into a tailspin.

Several of Iskra Lawrence's famous friends are standing behind her, including Yara Shahidi, who responded with the praise emojis, and Sports Illustrated model Kate Wasley, who commented "A??MEN??."

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